What Does Your Family’s Future Hold?

If recent times have taught us anything, it’s that the future is uncertain. Ten years ago we were at the height of the property boom, Tony Blair was our Prime Minister and the Bank of England base rate was 5% and rising!

How times have changed

Fast forward to 2016, with Brexit leaving a sour taste for many young people in the UK and interest rates at an all-time low, coupled with tuition fees rocketing to £9,000 per year for most, you wouldn’t be blamed for being slightly concerned about your children’s financial future.

Why not make a small contribution to Junior ISA (JISA) on your children/grandchildren’s behalf and help secure a brighter future for your loved ones.

Just like normal ISAs, you can open a Cash JISA or a Stocks and Share JISA – a great way to save or invest, tax free. Unlike normal ISAs, YOU are in control of the money until your children/grandchildren turn 16, and there are a few other small differences that are worth knowing:

• You can save up to £4,080 per financial year (April 6th – April 5th)
• Once parents or parental guardians have opened the account, anyone can contribute on behalf of the child/grandchild
• The child can take control of the JISA at 16 but can’t make withdrawals until 18, at which point it becomes a normal ISA.

And the best part is we will set this up for you for free as a valued client of ES Walton.

If you want to discuss ways in which you can safeguard your family’s future please contact us on 0151 236 8888 or email info@eswalton.com quoting ‘JISA16’ and we will be happy to help


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