July 24, 2020

Your complete guide to the: State Pension

by eswalton in Financial Planning

Whilst on the face of it, the State Pension can seem fairly straightforward, successive governments have changed the way it’s calculated and when you build up entitlement. So, it can be a little more complex than you may expect.

Even if you’re saving into a private pension or making other provisions for retirement, the State Pension is important. It’s a reliable source of income throughout retirement that can act as a foundation to build on. If you’re nearing retirement, it pays to understand what you can expect to receive and when; it could change your retirement plans. Even when retirement is some way off, getting to grips with your State Pension can help make sure you don’t have any gaps in National Insurance contributions that could affect your future income. It’s never too early to start thinking about your State Pension.

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