A financial Plan is a financial route map which starts with your Cashflow forecast

First we will look at your cashflow. We will gather a lot of information about your assets and liabilities; your current and future income and expenditure patterns, including expected capital expenditure and potential future investments. All of this will be agreed with you.

We then take all this information and create a forecast that will illustrate how your financial future might look backed up by detailed income and expenditure statements. It also allows us to model a number of ‘what if’ scenarios. A key output is your ‘Personal Rate of Return’ (PRR) which indicates the return required from your investments to achieve your aspirations.

We recommend regularly reviewing your financial plan to ensure that the assumptions that it is based upon are still correct and that your investments are achieving the required personal rate of return.
E S Walton can provide you with comprehensive Financial Plans & Cashflow forecasting. We also have a wide range of private medical insurance products available to us to meet all levels of budget.

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